Taylor Swift Addresses *Those* Calvin Harris Rumours

Remember when everyone said Taylor Swift was buying a Scottish mansion to be closer to boyfriend Calvin Harris and his family? Well, the singer has just responded to the rumours on Twitter.

According to sources, the Bad Blood singer was eyeing up a beautiful £4.6million 16th century Scottish castle for her and her DJ beau, in order to be closer to Calvin’s family.

Boasting eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a whopping 40 acres of land, it’s hardly unassuming, but would provide the perfect party pad for Swifty and her many, many pals.

The stunning Tower of Lethendy is also the dream location – just an hour’s drive from Edinburgh, where the Harris family live. Always handy to be near to those in-laws, eh Taylor?

As well as the lavish kitchen, huge games room and dreamy period-style bedrooms, the property also has enough to keep those popstar lovers entertained. And by that, we mean an 18-hole golf course, a heated swimming pool, two tennis courts and a croquet lawn. Nice.

But Taylor has now tweeted to say that actually, this isn’t happening. Oops.

She wrote: ‘”Cause baby I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me” -a line from New Romantics But I’m not actually buying a castle.’


Whilst the rumours aren’t true, it wouldn’t have been the first time Taylor has bought a house to be close to a boyfriend and his family. Who could forget when the singer bought a property right next door to Conor Kennedy in Cape Cod three years ago when the pair were dating?

‘People say that about me, that I apparently buy houses near every boy I like’, she’s previously told Vanity Fair. ‘If I like you I will apparently buy up the real estate market just to freak you out so you leave me.


Whilst there might not be a castle on the horizon, Taylor and Calvin have been going from strength to strength since meeting in February.

Taylor introduced her DJ boyfriend to her parents last month while they were both in London, and according to reports, he’s smitten.

‘Calvin’s been talking about marrying Taylor for months actually, since not long after they met’, a source told LOOK. ‘They both have crazy lives but they have so much in common, he knows she’s the one.’


Despite only getting together in February, it’s clear these two get on like a house on fire, and are more than comfortable with each other already. We’ve seen Calvin sharing no make-up shots of Taylor manning the BBQ at her sea-view house, as well as the pair partying together at her US mansion over 4th of July.

Calvin even treated Taylor to a romantic boat trip on the Thames earlier this month (along with her parents Andrea and Scott, as well as pals Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss) and then he traveled with her to Ireland the next day. And during Taylor’s show in Dublin,Taylor seemed to be serenading her man, declaring her love.

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‘They’ve been saying the L word for a while now,’ added our source. ‘They’re both geeks at heart and he thinks he’s found his yin to his yang.’ Aw. 

To make things even better, the Blank Space singer and her Scottish boyfriend have had nothing but support since hooking up back in February. And mutual pal Ellie Goulding was the one to first set them up.

‘Calvin is a really great mate and he’s so fantastic’, she says. ‘Taylor is such a cool person who I love…I thought, ‘”They’re both really awesome and both really tall, they’ll brilliant together.”‘ 


Singer-songwriter, John Newman, whose close friends with Calvin, has also spoken out about the couple. ‘It’s nice because he’s my friend. I haven’t hung out with them [both] because I came away from LA when they just started getting together and that’s it really. She makes him happy and she’s a good laugh, so that’s good’.

And Taylor’s BFF, model and actress Jaime King, has nothing but kind words to say about Swifty’s beau. ‘He’s a wonderful man. He’s a beautiful man.’  

And you’ll never guess who Swifty thinks is responsible for her finding love with Calv – only Lady Gaga.

Rewind back to March this year, when Lady Gaga got engaged to her actor beau. Taylor Swift took to Twitter to offer her congratulations, saying: “Is it just me or is Lady Gaga, like, fully LIVING right now?!? #goals.”

Gaga swiftly replied (geddit?), offering some wordly wisdom by tweeting: “@taylorswift13 wow you’re a sweetheart! Life is friends, family, and love! We all see that in you, your prince charming will come!”

Word has it that not long afterwards, Taylor met Calvin. And we all know what happened from there. They’ve wasted no time in becoming the most loved-up celebrity couple around.



Over the weekend, Taylor was her usual lovely self, taking the time to comfort a fan who seemed to be having a particularly down moment about love. 

She put Lady Gaga’s tweet down to a ‘magic spell’. We’re not ashamed to say that we went back and read it a few times for good measure.

In an even more epic twist, the Poker Face starlet replied to Taylor’s tweet with a picture of one of Disney’s most famous couples (we love a bit of Ariel and Eric) saying “I only cast happy spells! Unless there’s bad blood. I have a separate cauldron for that. Happy for u.”