Tanya Burr’s Latest Instagram Has Sparked A Big Debate

Tanya Burr’s latest Instagram post has certainly got people talking.

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The 26-year-old vlogger shared a snap of herself wearing a pair of skinny jeans yesterday, explaining that she was taking part in the #30wears campaign.

It was *this* photo that caused a stir


She urged her followers to do the same, writing: ‘Today’s outfit! I literally live in these Topshop Joni jeans [sic].

‘As you guys know I’ve been really shocked by the treatment of girls and women working in the fast fashion industry after watching The True Cost documentary.

‘I thought it would be a great thing to shine a light on as part of my #timeforgirls project, so I met with @livia_firth and her team at @ecoage to see what I could do to help and she told me about her #30wears campaign.

Tanya Burr was inspired after watching documentary The True Cost


‘She challenged all of us to ask ourselves before we buy a new piece of clothing: “Will I wear it at least 30 times?” If the answer is yes, go for it! But if the answer is no…well, it means you can live without it!

‘I’d love you guys to take part in the #30wears challenge: 1. Take a photo of your outfit 2. Explain which piece of clothing from your outfit you have worn or will wear 30 times or more 3. Posting on social media with #30wears.’

Tanya Burr is keen for her followers to get involved


The True Cost is a documentary exploring the dangerous side of ‘fast fashion’, which Livia (who happens to be Colin Firth’s wife) helped to executive produce.

But despite Tanya’s aim to publicise an important cause, her picture and caption seemed to divide opinion.

One follower wrote: ‘Way to miss the point. Wearing a piece 30+ (some of us wear clothes 300+ times) won’t change the circumstances that surround sweatshop workers in 3rd world countries.’

Tanya Burr received a mixed response to the image


Another said: ‘There is no possible way that you are wearing all your clothing items 30 times so I don’t think you are the right spokesperson for this campaign.’

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However, others have pointed out that she IS the perfect person for the job, considering how much influence she has on her fans.

Tanya Burr is married to fellow YouTuber Jim Chapman


Luckily, Tanya seems to have taken the mixed response well.

After reading a positive Tweet, she replied: ‘It’s frustrating people are like ‘but you shop loads!’ – I had no idea of the issues until a few weeks ago. x.’

Whatever your thoughts, we think it’s great that Tanya’s helping to raise awareness. You go, lady.