Get Céline’s Iconic Checks For Under £40 From Zara!

Ever since Céline sent their minimally clad models down the runway back in February for their AW13 extravaganza, we’ve had our head in the clouds thinking about their laundry bag-inspired checks. So, imagine our delight when we spotted this amazing doppelganger in dress form from high-street fashion favourite, Zara!

They’ve nailled the look with their thatched-style frock set in minimal tones of navy, white and red. With this much designer cred, you’d think they would have matched this statement frock with a hefty price tag but, luckily for us, our pals at Zara have kept this buy purse-friendly at an amazing £39.99.

Make a major style impact by doubling the checked action with a patterned pea coat, or keep the look sleek by wearing it with nothing but a sleek pair of grey heels. Either way, just make sure you snap this dress up before it goes…

By Maxine Eggenberger

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