Switch Up Your Fashion And Beauty Rules

Forget everything you thought you knew about getting ready. The hottest new style, hair and make-up tricks are in and the rules are, there are no rules! From wearing your underwear as outerwear to washing your hair with conditioner before you shampoo, it’s time for a routine rethink…

1. Wear Your Wardrobe Back-To-Front

Thanks to those innovative stylistas out there, we’ve discovered the no-cost way of breathing new life into our trusty separates- by turning them around. Call us crazy, but we’re just a little bit obsessed by this street styler’s shirt game; worn backwards, unbuttoned and tied at the bottom. Meanwhile, we’re turning our dip-hem midis to the front to channel Helena Bordon, who managed to single-handedly invent a new skirt shape when she did exactly that. Trust us, backwards is the new forwards.

2. Try Clumpy Lashes 

Overloaded, clumpy eyelashes have long been frowned upon, but not anymore. ‘Mascara layering’ is the trend we’re all talking about – the more coats the better, with OTT doll-like lashes taking centre stage. The trick is to get your lash formula just right for maximum flutter effect.

a) Swipe on a coat of Pixi’s Black Lacquer Lash Primer in Jet Black, £15, to conditon, nourish and prime lashes. 

b) Build up hyper-thick volume with Smashbox’s X-Rated Mascara, £19.50. The rich formula can be layered and layered and will stay 100% flake-free.

c) A final coating with Marc Jacobs’ Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara, £xx, will give lashes a last kick of doll-like volume, while the jet-black, velvety formula will ensure your eyes have serious impact. 

3. Wear Trainers With A Trouser Suit

There’s no better recruit for your rails right now than a cool, tailored suit. Whether in all-over print or block colour, the only way to wear them is with your favourite kicks. Minimalist, white trainers work best, and will make sure your look is polished, albeit with an edge. More for weekends than for work, this will be your new off-duty go to in no time.


4. Condition, Then Wash

What if we told you you’ve been washing your hair all wrong? Shampoo then conditioner is so last year. TRESemmé’s Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner, £4.99, is designed to be used as the first step in your haircare. The result? Soft, smooth, super-voluminous locks…

a) Wet hair and work a dollop of TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner, £4.99, through your strands. The formula is packed with ‘fibre polishing actives’ which stay on the hair after you’ve rinsed to seal in the super-smoothness.

b) Wash your locks with TRESemmé Beauty-full Volume Shampoo, £4.99. It’ll cleanse without washing away the softness of the conditioner.

c) Towel dry your hair, then, if you’re looking for more height and body at the roots, opt for TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Mousse, £5.50. If you need a little extra thickness and smoothness through your mid-lengths, take a blob of TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Hair Maximizer, £4.99 and run it right through to the ends.

d) Blow-dry with a large-barrel brush, sectioning off 2 inch- wide sections at a time. Et voilá! Your mega-thick mane is ready to go.



5. Try A Tricky Colour Clash

Thought red and green should never be seen? Think again. Canary yellow and powder blue make for the best of friends. This twosome feels fresh, giving a nod to spring even while temperatures are still in the minus figures. And as for orange and turquoise? These two shades are a perfect fit, and will be the best thing that ever happened to your jeans.