This Is The Most Flattering Swimwear Brand Ever


Lyst’s stats show swimwear shopping searches increase by 190% in the first week of May. Simply Be, meanwhile, has made finding The One a lot easier. Here’s why.

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There are a number of things to think about when it comes to swimwear: support, practicality (see-through bikini bottoms, anyone?), trends… The list goes on. Finding somewhere that does all that and more is practically unheard of. So imagine our delight when we discovered Simply Be ticks all of these boxes and then some.

Bikini, £35, Simply Be

Using a savvy selection of figure-flattering features- perfectly positioned panels, shape-sculpting high waists and ladylike lattice detailing to name but a few- each piece works to make you look and (more importantly) feel your very best.

Swimsuit, £35, Simply Be

Choose halternecks to narrow broad shoulders, or off-the-shoulder tops if you’re an hourglass.

Swimsuit, £35, Simply Be

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Basically, you’re about to experience swimwear shopping like you’ve never experienced it before. Throw in the fact that everyone will be cossie shopping in the next few days and getting yours now is a no-brainer. Race you to it…