13 Emotions Every Woman Feels When She’s Trying On Swimwear

We’ve all been there, standing in a poorly lit changing room clutching at 50 different swimsuits desperately hoping that one will be the perfect fit. Halterneck? No, Cut outs? No, Neon pink? Definitely not. And don’t even get us started on choosing between a bikini and one piece! But thanks to brands like Simply Be it’s now easier than ever to find swimwear that not only fits but looks great too. Holiday shopping might just become our new favourite hobby! 

Here are the many, MANY emotions us gals have when face-to-face with out bikini-clad selves in the mirror.

1.    Sun, sea, sand – here I come! All I need is a hot costume and I’m good to go…



3.    Ok, this one looks like it’ll do the trick.

4.    Getting this thing on was a work out in itself.


5.    Wait, hang on. Oh god, this must be the wrong size.

6.    I am never eating a carb again. After lunch. After lunch, I’m never eating carbs. EVER.


7.    But it will look better with a tan, right? 

8.    Hold on, this looks quite good, If I breathe in. AM I ACTUALLY SECRETLY A MODEL?


9.    How much cleavage is too much?

10.  At what point between last summer and now did my boobs sag an extra inch down towards my waist?!

11.  If I’m struggling to find bikini bottoms that actually fit then how on earth does Kim K manage?!


12.  The sarong is the most underrated garment in the history of fashion.  

13.You know what? I look p-r-etty damn good in this cossie. Thank you, Simply Be! 


Blue Check Swimsuit, £32, Simply Be