Suri Cruise Fires Her Music Teacher Due To ‘Creative Differences’

Taking the prize for today’s most ridiculous piece of news: a story about Suri Cruise.

According to a report by Page Six the adorable mini Cruise has fired her music teacher citing ‘creative differences’.

The story surfaced whilst the 9-year-old enjoyed an evening out with Katie Holmes at the theatre. On Tuesday night, Suri and her mum were invited backstage after a performance of Broadway’s “School of Rock: The Musical” to meet the cast. Just another normal night in the life of Suri we imagine…

Katie and Suri with the cast (@sormusical)

Apparently the show’s star, Alex Brightman asked the tween if she played an instrument to which she replied she “used to play the guitar”, but had parted ways with her teacher. Uh-oh.

“She said she was ‘a very nice person,’ but that it didn’t work out,” reported Page Six’s source.

We’re hoping this is the face she pulled when breaking the news


What her guitar teacher did wrong isn’t known but we like to think Suri had some serious diva-like requests regarding her guitar teaching.

Regardless of whether there is any truth in this story, the whole thing is hilarious either way.

This wasn’t the only mother-daughter bonding activity for the pair this week. On Sunday Katie and Suri sat courtside at a basketball game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Katie and Suri out and about in NYV


Suri lives with her mother in New York, and according to the Inquisitr, as of this Christmas, she had not seen her father, Tom Cruise, in over 800 days. Cruise’s representative strongly denied the claims, natch.

Here’s hoping little Suri has more luck with her future guitar teacher. With the connections she has, we predict big things for the pint sized star.

By Elizabeth Bennett