Suki Waterhouse On Being Backstage At A Catwalk Show

Want to know what it’s really like to be a model? Well, Suki Waterhouse has revealed all.

It’s not exactly a surprise, but there are some pretty great perks to her job. And the 24-year-old has definitely taken advantage of them.

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Suki Waterhouse knows how to make the most of modelling shoots


Suki tells LOOK: ‘I usually try to walk away from every shoot with something.

‘I’ll just be like “Oh, I really, really need this,” and I’ll try to pressure them to give me something on the spot.’

Cheeky, lady! But that’s not the only positive. She continues: ‘[There’s] the hair and make-up looks that you’d never, ever in a million years be able to do on yourself.

Suki Waterhouse enjoys getting to experiment with beauty looks


‘These people are artists of the face. I really enjoy the transformation. You’ll walk in early in the morning, you’re tired, and sit in the chair like: “Oh my God, how are you ever going to make this happen?”

‘It’s fun to see what they can do to you. And that involves caking make-up, a face massage, hair, all sorts of things. So it’s all an illusion, but it’s interesting to see how it works.’

And when it comes to what goes on behind the scenes of a catwalk show? Suki continues: ‘Stuffing shoes, lots of shoes don’t fit. You can get yelled at quite a lot. There’s quite a lot of rehearsal, and knowing which way to go.

Suki Waterhouse has revealed what *really* goes on behind the scenes of a catwalk show


‘That sounds ridiculous but I’ve done it before, walked the wrong way. You’re scared and just terrified of not falling over.

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‘The best time I ever had was when I did a Burberry show where you just wore the best trainers, they were wedge trainers. The experience was just the most fun ever.’

Suki Waterhouse looks *incredible* in her campaign with Magnum


Suki has collaborated with Magnum to celebrate the launch of its most decadent range, Magnum Double.

Designed for those who dare to say yes to that extra dose of indulgence, Magnum is calling on people to ‘release the beast and dare to go double’. Get inspired here.