Suki Waterhouse Has A Clueless Moment On Girls’ Night Out

Suki Waterhouse is giving single ladies everywhere a lesson in how to handle a break-up with dignity and style.

Fresh from the news that her two year relationship with Bradley Cooper has come to an end, the model-turned-movie-star has been seen enjoying a care-free night out with her gal pals.

This may conjur up thoughts of a young girl crying into her Mojito but, nuh-uh girlfriend, Suki is doing no such thing.

The ladies have instead donned their most 90s-style get-up and hit the town, Clueless style.


Suki wore an American High School style high-waisted tartan skirt – in pink, OBVS – with a matching pastel pink crop top, showing off her incredible Abs.

Fitting with the cheerleeding vibe, the British supermodel teamed her girly look with some bright flourescent trainers.

She topped off the look with a seriously retro cardi, and a Cher-inspired half pony tail. Her hair held it’s signature beach wave which, the star revealed in a recent interview, is the result of a rather unconventional product. Speaking with US Weekly, she admitted to using Coca-Cola in her hair, “I don’t like my hair when it’s washed — it’s fine and limp — but Coca-Cola makes it tousled, like I’ve gone through the Amazon or something”

Um. Thanks for the tip?


Joining her for the giggles were fellow model Georgia May Jagger and TV presenter Poppy Jamie.

We pretty much love everything about this. But if one thing tops it, it would have to be those fluffy pen accessories.

Who doesn’t remember tickling someone on the chin with those babies at school?

TOTAL throwback.

By Laura Jane Turner