9 Struggles That Girls Who Hate Summer Dressing Feel

Summer weather is edging closer.

We’ve already enjoyed spurts of glorious sunshine, so we won’t hold it against you if the tinted moisturiser has been dusted off, or if the leg-prep has already begun.

Sunny weather has SO MANY plus points. But whilst some relish in dressing for the warmer climes, not everyone enjoys it.

If you prefer to rock head-to-toe black or have simply perfected the art of layering, this one could be for you…

1. Summer really has no appreciation for our signature style

When your wardrobe screams ‘all black e’ryday’, it can be pretty hard to find anything in store, past April, that will work.


It’s easy to feel like the season is throwing some major shade, tbh.

2. But once July hits, we’ll actually be begging for some shade


Like, literally.

Because, black ABSORBS the heat. And no-one will be impressed when we’ve got a case of the sweats. Ugh.

3. Discussions about when it’s appropriate to ditch the tights brings ALL THE FEAR


Please, just no.

4. Jeans seem to be frowned upon


But what if we don’t want to wear skirts / shorts / culottes / [insert summer staple here]?

5. The little three words we get so tired of hearing…

‘Aren’t you hot?’


Yes. Yes, I am.

And thank you for pointing it out. 

6. Spring is a poor, poor time


When defeat is finally admitted, and we’re browsing those colourful clothing rails,  the realisation hits that we basically need a whole new wardrobe.

Send help plz.

7. Looking at our reflection in the changing room mirror like…


‘But this just isn’t really me!’

8. Before reaching back to the go-to jumper dress or our faithful black jeans


Screw it. I’m no sheep. I’ll wear what I want to wear for summer.

9. But then someone asks, ‘Why have you bought a polo neck in August?’


Um. It’s a summer top… It’s yellow, isn’t it? 

Now go forth and wear what you love, ladies…