Street Style: Work Head-To-Toe White!

All-over white has been on our style radar ever since we spotted all the fashion editors and off-duty models rocking the blanc stiletto, but now it looks as though the colour is about to take over the rest of your wardrobe, too!

Just take a look at Joanne Lewis from Ramsgate, who has taken inspiration from an outfit Vanessa Hudgens wore to create a seriously sleek white ensemble. She says: “When I saw a photograph of Vanessa rocking a white cropped sweater and trousers, I knew I had to try it for myself! White instantly makes you look more tanned, so it’s a win win.”

Joanne’s seriously cool sheer top is from Motel and her tailored trousers are from Asos, so although she might look like she’s walked straight off the catwalk, you can get her look for a purse-friendly price tag. Not bad, huh?

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By Maxine Eggenberger

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