Stirrup Leggings: Yay Or Neigh?

No, pony club is not in session. Instead, you’re looking at the fash pack’s new trew obsession...

What’s the deal with trousers eh? Whether it’s palazzo, cargo or the dreaded harem, mere weeks after they reach peak popularity, they become passé. Old hat. Unfashionable.

It’s inevitable, and we’ve come to terms with the fact our love for certain strides will be forever fickle.

And in no uncertain circumstances, the same fate will befall the latest trouser trend to hit the sartorial scene.

Fashwun types Miroslava Duma and Pernille Teisbaek have both taken a leaf out of Marni’s AW17 book, donning stirrup trousers for all to see.

A must-have for jockeys both professional and amateur, as well as being an integral part of our childhood uniform, there’s no denying their practicality where boots are concerned.

But slung over heels? We’re not entirely convinced. On the one hand, they’ll cancel out the need for socks (the top bit of your foot never feels the cold anyway, right?).

On the other, we guarantee in a few months time we’ll be collectively shuddering at the thought of stirrup outfits past.

However, if you’re up for the sartorial challenge, we suggest snapping up the £15.99 Zara versions instead of the £790 catwalk originals.  Unless you fancy eating beans for the next six months, that is…