You NEED To Follow Steven Avery’s New Lawyer On Twitter

If you haven’t been hooked on Netflix’s series Making A Murder then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Before you read on, we suggest you go and watch it. See you in ten hours…

Welcome back! Now that you’re up to speed, you’ll know all about Steven Avery, the accusations made against him and you’ll be well acquainted with his defense lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting or, as their now known, the unexpected sex symbols of the justice system.

Years have passed since the dynamic duo took on the case, and since the documentary brought Steven Avery’s plight into focus, the pair have since had to disperse their efforts and take on other cases. Which means Steven has a brand new defense lawyer to fight his case, and although she’ll never fill Dean and Jerry’s shoes (their memes will forever live on), she definitely seems to know what she’s doing regarding Steven’s situation.

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As of January 8th, Steven’s been represented by Kathleen Zellner, who was referred to the case by Tricia Bushnell of the Midwest Innocence Project – a team who is trying to help Steven prove his innocence.

So, what can Zellner bring to the case? Well, it just so happens she’s a bit of an expert when it comes to rectifying wrongful convictions.

In her own words, Zellner says that she specialises in helping ‘people whose civil rights have been violated and justice for victims of professional negligence’, a category which she obviously believes Avery falls into.

Since taking on the case, Zellner has been seriously active on her Twitter account, giving die-hard fans and enthusiasts of the docu-series new insight into Steven Avery’s case, making those withdrawal symptoms we’ve been experiencing that little bit easier to cope with.

Here’s why you need to follow her, like, NOW…

She exposed a letter which state prosecutor, Ken Kratz, sent to him recently, and OMG. Long story short, it basically details that Kratz wants Avery to confess to him so that he can write a tell all book about the case… Um, better stick to sexting, Ken


We don’t know about you but we can’t wait to see where her line of investigation will lead. Go get ’em, Kat!

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