Stephen Fry Quits Twitter After Bag Lady BAFTA Controversy

Stephen Fry hosted the 2016 BAFTAs last night. But the presenter soon came under fire for one of his controversial comments.

During Sunday’s ceremony at the Royal Opera House in London, costume designer Jenny Beavan took to the stage to accept an award. 

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And as she left the stage, Stephen joked: ‘Only one of the great cinematic costume designers would come to an awards ceremony dressed as a bag lady.’

But what was clearly intended to be a funny quip at one of his pals (Fry and Beavan are friends) was quickly interpreted as a rude insult – and the angry reactions soon flooded Twitter.

‘Really disappointed to hear @stephenfry’s cruel comment about a bag lady – surely we should applaud people who dare to be different? #BAFTA’, one user tweeted.


‘Oh Stephen Fry and your snidey, sneery bag lady comment. True colours? #BAFTAs’, slammed another.

The host soon reacted with a tweet of his own, responding to the comments by saying: ‘Will all you sanctimonious f**kers f**k the f**k off Jenny Beavan is a friend and joshing is legitimate. Christ I want to leave the planet.’

He then shared a photo of him and Jenny looking cosy at the ceremony as proof that the pair are friends.

Even worse, Fry has now deleted his Twitter account. And we can’t help but feel the whole thing was a little bit of an overreaction – if Jenny took it in jest, then surely we should too?

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‘Just hearing that Stephen Fry deleted his Twitter account because of abuse about the bag lady joke…wow!’ one surprised fan tweeted after Fry closed his account.

‘Stephen Fry has quit Twitter. Over the Bag Lady comment? Have a sodding word with yourselves!’ another wrote.

We can’t help but agree. Give the funny man a break, eh?