Stephanie Pratt On How She *Really* Feels About Lucy

If you’re all caught up with Made In Chelsea, you’ll know that things have not been going well between former-BFFs Stephanie Pratt and Lucy Watson. 

And if you’re holding out for an emotional rekindling of their friendship, we’ve got some really sad news for you. 

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The former Hills star has confessed that she really doesn’t see herself patching things up with Lucy. 

Opening up to Star magazine, she said: ‘I’m the kind of person who never wants drama. I always say, “Sorry. Let’s get past this.”

But this time I haven’t done anything and she’s stabbed me in the back.’

Oh dear.


Stephanie even went as far as to say, ‘We’ll never be friends again.’

Yup, we have a feeling that LOADS of MIC fans will be pretty heartbroken by this news.

In case you missed it, things have got pretty tense amongst the girls in Chelsea. Single Stephanie showed an interest in Binky’s bad boy ex Alex Mytton. Lucy was not impressed, and their feud has now turned its attention towards her own relationship with James Dunmore. 


Steph claims she’ll never forgive Lucy for her accusing her of trying to break up Alex and girlfriend Nicola Hughes.

The American reality star hit back, ‘This is my first experience of ever being bullied – it’s not any easier as an adult.’

Oh. We’re still really hoping they’ll be able to patch things up one day.