Louise Thompson Talks Stephanie Pratt’s Break-Up

Made In Chelsea’s Stephanie Pratt is currently enjoying single life after her split from boyfriend Josh Shepherd.

But she hasn’t been able to do it without a little help from her friends.

Now Steph’s co-star Louise Thompson has revealed exactly how she’s helped her pal get back on her feet.

‘I’ve never seen someone handle something so well. It’s been a while now, I think she’s obviously covering up a lot of emotions but I think she is fine, she’s strong,’ Louise tells the Evening Standard Online.

‘It’s just the first time she’s had her heart properly broken I think, I’ve had mine broken about five times. We’re going out and showing her a good time, she needs her girls.’

Louise Thompson Louise Thompson has been supporting her friend


However, while the blonde beauty’s been living it up on Instagram, her ex doesn’t seem to be taking it quite so well…

In a pretty harsh turn of events, Josh has been uploading various cutting quotes to Instagram, with his latest one stating: ‘Things money can’t buy, manners, morals, respect, trust, patience, class, integrity, love, character, common sense.’ Ouch.

Made In Chelsea's Josh Shepherd instagram quote Made In Chelsea’s Josh Shepherd posted this cryptic Instagram quote a few days ago


He’s also been busy sharing cryptic images of women in tennis skirts flashing their bottoms, and posting various quotes about him being a ‘boss.’ They might be totally innocent and unconnected to Steph, but still… A bit of a coincidence, no?

Made In Chelsea's Josh Shepherd Josh Shepherd and Stephanie Pratt broke up last month


Meanwhile, we’ve been marveling at just how brilliantly Steph has been coping post-Josh. And mainly, how incredible she’s looking.

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stephanie pratt in black lacy coord We have to say, Steph is looking hotter than ever right now… Loving that co-ord!


Sharing quotes like ‘be unstoppable’, going for early morning hikes, posting retro Sex And The City pictures, partying with the gals and hanging out with a rather large brood of hunky men, Steph’s playing the break-up card totally right. And we could all learn a thing or two.

Stephanie Pratt shares a 'be unstoppable' quote Stephanie Pratt shares a ‘be unstoppable’ quote


Got your heart stamped on? It’s time to hit the town in your slinkiest little white dress and get a positive attitude on, because you WILL find love again. ‘#lookseefeelbeLOVE #chooselove #summernights’, Steph captioned her snap. Amen, honey. 

made in chelsea's stephanie pratt on night out Girls night out? There’s no better remedy!


Cried yourself to sleep over a boy? Get your best bikini on and hit that pool party – there’s nothing like a bit of sun and a mojito surrounded by your best mates to turn that summer right around.

made in chelsea's stephanie pratt with guy mate on 4th july Stephanie Pratt seems to be coping superbly with her newly single status


And as for those hunky men Steph’s been celebrating the 4th of July with? Don’t worry, it wasn’t some sly revenge tactic, as the MIC star cleared up in a cheeky Instagram snap of her and her male pals at a beach house.

Stephanie Pratt lives it up with her guy pals on a beach in the US Stephanie Pratt lives it up with her guy pals on a beach in the US


‘Family photo! Best house mates EVER!! Thank you @simon_huck ur beachouse is a dream & also everyone needs to CHILL they are my gay friends ffs! #getalife.’

made in chelsea stephanie pratt with guy mates on 4th july Don’t worry guys, they’re just her gay BFFs… (not that it would matter anyway)


The 29-year-old has also found comfort in BFF Lucy Watson after tweeting that they’d made up last month and also alluding to the fact that her and Josh had split. 

made in chelsea's stephanie pratt no make up on a hike She’s even up for early morning hikes… (We don’t envy this, Steph)


‘Sorry a crazy boy came between us 🙁 love you bub. Never again’, Steph wrote. ‘Living is learning & I still am. I love you @imLucyWatson sorry I was #sleepingwiththeenemy.’

How much do you want to be a newly single Steph right now?

made in chelsea's stephanie pratt and lucy watson MIC’s Stephanie Pratt with BFF Lucy Watson