13 Hilarious But Painful Stages Of Shopping For Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is truly like striking gold. 

Much like a boyfriend, once you find that perfect match, you’ll want to stick with them. But the process towards getting there is certainly not a smooth one. 

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Funny how similar jeans shopping and dating really are, eh? 

1. Heading to the changing room with ALL the jeans.

2. Game face on.

We can do this, guys. 

3. There’s just no way I’m going 
to get these on.

This one pair could probably work for one of my legs… 

4. With all the desserts I’ve skipped to even afford these, you’d think I’d slip straight into them, right?


5. Time to try another pair… 


Nope. These won’t do either. 

7. The joy you feel when a pair in the pile inspires the thought: “Oooh. These might work…” 

But then you do the mirror swivel and you’re all “WHERE’S MY BUM GONE?” 

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8. Back to the drawing board. 


9.  Every irrational thought that’s ever existed suddenly turns up in your brain. 

“If I never bend over or sit down again, I’ll be able to get away with wearing these…”

“Maybe I can cutt the tops off of the jeans…” 

“I look like a member of a ’90s boyband. That is not the look I was going for.”

“Why don’t I look like Kylie Jenner in my changing room selfie?”

10. Then, in the midst of all the madness, the miracle finally happens… 

You find your denim soul sister. 

11. Then comes your inner diva voice (we’ve all got one, ladies)…

“My butt looks great in these jeans.” 

12. There’s only one way to celebrate, really. 

You buy ALL the pairs. In ALL the colours. 

13. Until, the shop discontinues your go-to style.

And you have to start the whole damned process all over again. 


By Laura Jane Turner