7 Hilarious Spring-Cleaning Memes To Keep You Motivated

Winter is over. Hallelujah! But while we’re all busy celebrating the end of such HORRIFIC weather, it’s easily forgotten that spring comes with something that will shove you straight off that big fluffy flower-filled spring cloud and right back down to earth: spring cleaning.

Yep, it’s an annual tradition for everyone to muster up the courage and attempt to clean out everything they own, but while the results are super satisfying, the task can seem VERY, VERY daunting. And, we’re not going to lie, the actual process is not a lot easier. That’s where we come in. To help sweeten the situation, we’ve compiled a list of the most hilarious motivational memes to help get you through the – let’s not beat around the bush here – TORTURE…

1. The one where you come across your Passport circa 2001, that Oyster card with £90 credit remaining and the only-worn-once lingerie set you thought you’d lost for good.

2. It’s an easy excuse for you to decline all other social engagements, only to spend the time on ‘you’. Spring cleaning your self is just as essential, okay?



3. The one where you come out feeling so empowered you can’t stop. People included.






4. And the one where you become so organised it’s almost second nature. Cleaning is life.






5. The one where you waste so much time trying to motivate yourself that it becomes more of an effort than the actual task.







6. The one where you’re so bad at spring cleaning it’s good. Who doesn’t like hide and seek?! Disclaimer: we cannot take responsibility for any injuries caused by overflowing cupboards. 






7. And last but not least, the one where the results are life-changing. FINALLY you can host Come Dine With Me at your place without people questioning your quality of life!








So there you have it. Happy cleaning, ladies!