Swift Sales! The Soludos Shoe That’s Up 277%

Sales of this shoe have sky-rocketed thanks to some very famous faces...

#Twinning moments don’t come much better than this, and it’s not just because it involves über-babes Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid, who have both been rocking the same pair of Soludos shoes.

We have no shame in admitting we spend most (nae ) of our time coveting endless wardrobe recruits these two have racked up between them. So, when they both stepped out rocking the same £45 (!!!) shoe, we knew demand for the slip-on was about to go through the roof.

> Taylor Swift wearing her Soludos shoes (left)

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From espadrille expert Soludos, Taylor was first to don her striped canvas flats at her now infamous 4th of July par-Tay… See what we did there? Pairing them with classic denim cut offs, a navy sweater and Tom Hiddleston, to say we want the lot would be a drastic understatement.

> Gigi Hadid wearing her £45 Soludos shoes (again!)

A few days later, Gigi hit the streets of NYC in a pair of her own Soludos shoes, which she wore with a cropped hoodie and short combo. Cool? But of course. As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones to notice Taylor and Gigi’s Soludos love-in – in just 24 hours, Google search surrounding the brand was up a whopping 277%.

Remarkably, even with the colossal spike, they’re still available on site, though we guarantee it won’t be for long. And if it means you can count these two as style compadres, we reckon it might be the best £45 you spend this season.