So This Is What Jennifer Aniston Eats In A Day

Jennifer Aniston‘s trim and toned body truly defies her 46 years. And while we’ve always known she’s super healthy and loves to keep fit, now we know exactly what she eats on a day-to-day basis, thanks to Instagram.

No, the A-list actress hasn’t given in and joined the social media site, but she did take over Living Proof‘s Instagram account for the day (the beauty brand she co-owns) to show her lunch, snacks and general daily activities. And it was a real insight… 

jennifer aniston poached egg on toast breakfast Yep, Jennifer Aniston’s typical healthy breakfast even includes carbs


First up, Jen kicks her day off with a simple, healthy breakfast of a poached on brown toast with slices of fresh tomato and avocado. See, Hollywood stars do eat carbs!  

Jennifer Aniston shares a snap of her at-home barre workout Jennifer Aniston shares a snap of her at-home barre workout


Next up – workout time. Jen’s clearly a big of a gymaphobe as us, as she sticks to a sneaky at-home kettle bells session with her dogs instead. ‘A little barre work with my beauty’, she captioned the image. No crash diets for this lady, it’s all about balance, as Jen knows.

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jennifer aniston chicken eggs Jen and Justin have their own chicken coop at home – too cute!


The it’s time for a trip to her coop to collect the fresh eggs her chicken has laid (for more healthy breakfasts, we imagine). Or perhaps a couple of boiled eggs as a high-protein snack?

jennifer aniston perfect salad Bulgar wheat, feta, mint, cucumber, parsley – meet Jennfer Aniston’s ‘perfect salad’


And what about lunch? Well, Jen gives us a look at her ‘perfect salad’, which contains bulgar wheat, cucumbers, parsley, mint, red onion, garbanzo beans, feta cheese and pistachios. YUM. 

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jennifer aniston holding a cucumber stick with dog sophie It’s cucumber sticks for a mid-afternoon snack in Jennifer Aniston’s house


To curb those mid-afternoon munchies, Jennifer turns to cucumber sticks to keep the hunger at bay while pet pooch Sophie looks on adoringly. 

Before bed, it’s a quick read of The Girl On The Train (we’ve read it, it’s AMAZING, great taste Jen), before hitting the sack at a sensible 9.30pm. Well, a lady needs her beauty sleep…

the girl on the train book The Girl On The Train is an amazing book, great taste Jen!


‘Time for a Night Cap. Thanks for letting me dip my toe in the world of social media for a day. Goodnight, Instagram… With love, XO jen’, she wrote next to her final image of her bedside table.

Phew. If only our own 24-hour-days were so Zen!

jennifer aniston bedside table Jennifer Aniston goes to bed at a sensible hour of 9.30pm for maximum beauty sleep time