So This Is How Mark Wright Wooed Michelle Keegan

So now we know *exactly* why Michelle Keegan loves Mark Wright so much.

Okay. So we all knew that the ex-TOWIE star is hot, stylish and pretty damn cool – but now he’s revealed his secret trick for charming the ladies.

What’s that? Being a good ol’ fashioned gentleman, of course! Aw.

‘For me, the biggest part of being a gent is manners, which I learnt at a young age from my granddad,’ says Mark.

‘There are three key things to being a gent: being polite, being friendly and smiley and dressing the part.’

But that’s not the only thing that Mark did to impress Michelle.

Mark Wright Mark Wright impressed Michelle Keegan with his manners


Remember the 28-year-old taking a wild lads’ trip to Las Vegas for his stag do earlier this year? Well, he’s not the only one who’s enjoyed a few nights at a casino.

In fact, Mark managed to woo ex-Coronation Street actress Michelle while treating her to dates at similar venues. Who’d a thought it?!

Mark has revealed that he and Michelle spent quite a bit of time in casinos when they first got together – and it sounds as though his stunning wife isn’t too bad at this gambling business.

‘I think she’d probably been to one before but I have taken her on quite a few dates to casinos,’ Mark tells the Daily Mirror.

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan always seem to have a lot of fun together


‘Going on a date [to a casino] with someone for the first time, you don’t want to show that you’re too competitive. There are guys who put their heads down and bet with everything they’ve got and either walk out of there upset or over the moon.

‘Your partner is not necessarily going to like that. But you can have dinner, drinks and play for fun and it actually is a great date night. I’ve been on a lot of date nights with my partner to the casino. She’s normally luckier than me, actually.’

Despite enjoying a night of blackjack, Mark and Mich are very careful when it comes to playing with money. Mark says he ensures he never ‘stretches’ himself and will only put a ‘comfortable’ amount of dosh on the table. Sensible lad.

Although a casino date may not be everyone, it definitely worked out for Mark and Michelle. They got hitched in May in a very romantic ceremony at Suffolk’s Hengrave Hall.

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan's wedding Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan married in May


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But there are a number of others ways the loved-up pair like to spend their spare time.

Michelle recently posted a Twitter snap of herself holding a copy of Mark’s older sister Jess Wright’s debut novel Sparkling Stilettos.

She captioned the image: ‘Nice little present left at mine @MissJessWright_ #summerread.’

Jess Wright's book Sparkling Stilettos Michelle Keegan is ready to get stuck into Jess Wright’s book


Let us know how it is, Mich!