So Kanye West Might Be Owning Fashion Week This Year

Kim Kardashian loves Fashion Week. And it looks like she’s about to love it a whole lot more after hearing hubby Kanye West‘s big news.

According to reports, the hip-hop rapper will be presenting his Adidas collection at New York Fashion Week later this month. Yep, it’s happening.

The news was broke by Renaissance menswear buyer Rahmon Ehlen, who shared an Instagram snap which read: ‘Adidas and Kanye West Cordially Invite You…’ along with the brand’s famous logo.

While the post was later deleted, Complex magazine seems pretty certain that it’s true. And our minds are already running wild about what Kim might wear on the FROW – Adidas trackie and sneakers? And a matching look for little North? We can only dream…

The sportswear label has also just announced that the covetable collection will be available on Adidas’ new show reservation app called Adidas Confirmed, which allows shoppers to get their hands on limited editions kicks. iPhones at the ready!

Kanye’s NYFW show will feature a special performance with Vanessa Beecroft, Kanye’s visual artist collaborator. We predict plenty of pyrotechnics and colourful graphics. And sister-in-law Kendall Jenner walking in his wares?!

Maybe not. But let’s just wait and see, shall we…