This Genius Snapchat Account Is Changing Young Women’s Lives

Besides rainbows coming out of our mouths, bunny ears and licky dog filters, Snapchat has actually been putting its reach to a much better use. Yep, we’re not ashamed to say we’ve spent many an eve delighting our followers with filter after filter after filter (soz), but apparently the App has scope to do a LOT more.

It’s all down to Rajshekar Patil, Avani Parekh and Nida Sheriff who set up the account ‘lovedoctordotin’. The threesome of twenty-somethings launched the platform in partnership with a counseling service called Love Doctor and Chayn India, a platform for women which helps those suffering from violence and domestic abuse. Through ‘lovedoctordotin’, these Snapchat users can now be put in touch with Snapchat counsellors to discuss what they’re going through.

So why Snapchat? Nida told Vagabomb that they ‘realised that privacy and secrecy are super important for those in abusive relationships…especially for teens and young people.’


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In other words, the frustration we get when Snapchat messages disappear in T-minus 10 seconds is actually changing others lives as victims of abusive relationships are able to send messages without fear of their partners seeing it.

Avani adds that the platform aims to ‘provide a compassionate, friendly outlet for people with questions.

‘We serve as a best friend who asks you the tough questions. We won’t tell anyone what to do, but if a relationship sounds like it’s abuse, based on the criteria provided by Chayn India, we don’t hesitate to say.’

Meanwhile, The Better India reports that ‘intimate partner violence is a rising concern in India – not only among married couples, but also for teenagers and young peole in the age group of 16-24,’ making the ‘lovedoctordotin’ account more relevant than ever.

Round of applause ladies, you just gave social media a whole new lease of life.