9 Smug Instagram Posts We’re All Guilty Of…

We LOVE Instagram. But sometimes, the feed just gets a bit too much, you know?

Because there’s nothing more soul-destroying that scrolling through endless smug pictures of that amazing trip to Barbados or that mega bling engagement rock when you’re single, poor, and having the worst day at work.


We’ve all been guilty of posting one of more of these at some point in our lives, but if you find yourself doing ALL of the below on a regular basis, it might be time to tone down the smugness a notch.

Here are the 9 most smug things you could ever post on Instagram.

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1. The post-gym green juice

Okay, okay. We get it. You’re super healthy and got up at 6am for a spin class. We’re in bed with a stonking hangover. You win. 


2. The bouquet from your boyfriend

Nope, it’s not a birthday/anniversary/Valentine’s Day. Your boyfriend is just #thebest and decided to surprised you with x10000 white roses when you got home from work. And now we ALL know about it.


3. The holiday

#notbadforaMonday #viewfromtheoffice #nevergoinghome #KILLUSNOW.


4. The engagement ring

Don’t get us wrong, we’re hopeless romantics and LOVE celebrating our mates’ fairytale endings. But, if we see ONE more Instagram engagement announcement today…

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5. The 4pm finish on Friday

YOU: Still slaving away at your desk with no hope of leaving for at least another 4 hours. THEM: Already on their second prosecco in that sunny beer garden round the corner. Grrr.


6. The new puppy

Guaranteed to ignite extreme jealousy because OMGCAN’TEVENHANDLETHECUTENESS.

7. The private jet

Because, why aren’t I a millionaire yet??!


The smug couples’ snap

Yes, we all know you’re super in love and your blissful domestic life is made up of tonnes of kisses, cuddles and spooning. But please, spare a thought for us singletons.

9. The weekend away

Urgh, we booked into this MEGA shoddy hotel and now we have to spend ALL night ordering room service and watching Netflix in our Egyptian cotton sheets. What is life.