These £8 Designer Dupe Slides Will Change Your Life

We're obsessed

So, we all remember those fluffy Gucci loafers, right? Not that out Insta feeds would ever let us forget. Well, Miu Miu has made the summer slide version – for a cool £705, may we add.

But don’t worry, obvs we’ve done our research so that we can still, you know, afford to pay rent and eat and stuff, and have found THE most amazing designer copies.

£8, Primark

It’s all about the full on shearling with pearls for the real deal, but these Primark numbers have kept the classic plastic pool-slide vibes.

Which means, no sweaty feet!

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So, basically, what we’re saying is that not only will you save £697, they’ll also be more practical than the catwalk versions.

£8, Primark

Because when we buy fluffy footwear, practicality is exactly what we have in mind…

Either way, your summer shoe-game is about to be seriously upped when these must-haves slide (sorry) in to your shoe-drobes.

£8, Primark

We’re struggling to think what life was like before these acceptable-for-the-street slippers became more than OK to wear away from the pool.

Anyway, get us to a Primark store immediately. But the question is, black, nude, blue or red?

Or, maybe just get all of four colours and still technically save £673?