Sleep Texting Is Now A Thing

By: Lucy Moon

We’ve heard of sleep talking, sleepwalking even sleep eating, but sleep texting is a new one to us.

Yep, sending messages in your sleep may seem strange but apparently it’s becoming increasingly common and the most worrying part is, it could lead to the odd embarressing sitch. Now not only do we have the worry of drunk texting our ex but imagine sleep texting them, completely sober yet with no recollection – #awks.

It’s not surprising sleep texting has become a thing, technology now plays a huge part in our lives so it’s no wonder experts are seeing new kinds of sleep disorders relating to it.

A huge percentage of us own mobile phones and a large proportion take them to bed with us. Just think of the amount of time we spend on our phones throughout the day messaging loved ones and Whatsapping our mates, it’s inevitable that some of us could mimic this behaviour while asleep – scary, huh!

But that’s not the only sleep related worry we have, ‘sleep emailing is also becoming more and more common’ according to Sammy Margo a sleep expert at Slumberdown. So now there’s the worry of sending an embarrassing message to our boss in the middle of the night , too – oh great!

All we can say is thank heavens sleep shopping hasn’t happened yet – then we’d be in big trouble!