Skinny Jeans: 10 Problems Every Girl Will Know

Every girl knows that with skinny jeans comes a slew of problems both big and small. Whether it’s the notorious muffin top or the need to go to the bathroom a gazillion times a day, skinny jeans just aren’t practical. So, to make us feel better (and for some LOLs), we’ve compiled a list of skinny jean problems we have ALL experienced.

1.     The inability to sit down without a button popping.

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We’ve all been there. Walking as straight as a beanpole can get tiring pretty quickly, but the embarrassment of a button popping on the way down to that ever-so-appealing armchair will never be forgotten.    

2.     The blood circulation in your legs will stop.

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Point blank. You know that strange pulsating feeling you get in your legs? Well, that’s your blood trying its hardest to get through. Scary thought? We know.

3.     You can only walk at the pace of a snail.


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If you’re wearing skinny jeans, you may as well forget getting anywhere in a hurry. In fact, we’d recommend doubling any journey time if you want to get to your destination at a decent hour. 

4.     You will need to go to the bathroom a silly amount of times.

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It’s not rocket science to understand why skinny jeans mean that you’ll need to be within close radius to a bathroom at all times. Indeed, as if breaking the seal on a night out isn’t dangerous enough, teaming that with a pair of bladder-crushing trews is a disaster waiting to happen.

5.     Muffin Top is inevitable 

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Skinny jeans create a problem you may never have encountered before. Yep, unlike your trusty boyfriend fits, you can guarantee these babies will make that cheeky midnight feast known to all. Or even yesterday’s quinoa salad, for that matter.

6.     You will never be able to get them off after a night out.


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A few cocktails down and skinnies are your enemy. Normal jeans are hard enough, but you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll be face down on the floor the second you start trying to get these off. As for romantic situations, we’ll leave that one to your imagination…

7.     You’ll be left with some pretty prominent seam marks.

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You know the marks you’re left with from wearing hairbands on your wrist? Well you can expect the same on your inner thighs/waist after a day of wearing skinnies. Le sigh. 

8.     Flying low will become the norm.


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If you’re wearing skinnies, you’ll probably lose count of the number of times you’ll be told your flies are undone. So much so, it will become the norm – and free of the usual shock horror – to check every time you stand up. Just us?

9.     The risk of things falling out of your pockets will triple.

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It’s not just leg space that shrinks, it’s pocket space too. That time you dropped your phone down the toilet? Blame your skinnies.

10.  You’ll get a baggy bum after wearing them twice.


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And need to wash them repeatedly to keep them in shape. MORE CHORES?!