6 Ways To Fall Back In Love With Your Wardrobe

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1. Any stylist will tell you that having a clear approach is key. Go through your wardrobe piece by piece and get rid of anything that doesn’t inspire you or that you don’t feel confident in.

2. Next, group like pieces together: dresses, blouses, trousers etc. This makes it easier to put together an outfit and prevents the mess of pulling out clothes from everywhere.

3. Go through your favourite fashion mag, website or blog and get inspired! Make a mood board with cut outs, or create one on Pinterest, of outfit combos you’d like to try. Step out of your comfort zone and try something a little different, you just may fall in love with it.

4. Once you’ve done this, see what you already have in your wardrobe to go with your wish-list, and get creative! Fusing old and new together, style a handful of looks that you’d love to wears for occasions such as work, evenings out or chilled weekends.

5. Build your accessories collection by adding the latest jewellery, clutches, hats and sunglasses. This really is key to rocking an up-to-date-look without having to spend a lot.

6. Give your wardrobe a fresh lease of life with the amazing new fragrances for Bold & Lenor from top designer Giles Deacon. The new on-trend Limited Collection embraces his fun attitude to fashion with beautiful products designed to add that extra something to your favourite dress or luxe blouse as the fabric moves and the exotic scent is released. Not only that, Bold & Lenor cleans, protects and enhances your clothes so they’ll feel like new!

The fragrances are:

Diamond & Lotus Flower – ideal with edgy florals. It smells amazing and releases a luxurious scent throughout the day. The luxurious sensation of being draped in violet that’s catching the light.

Ocean Escape – this design invokes feelings of fluidity, of waves in motion, resembling the delicate movement of lashings of light silk.

Peony & Cherry Blossom – a scent that perfectly complements a statement dress.

Amethyst & Floral Bouquet – inspired by the deep, sensuous scent of an exotic flower or the rush of colour from a rare gemstone.

The Giles Deacon for Bold Lenor Limited Edition Collection is available nationwide.