13 Signs You’re A Total Daddy’s Girl

1) You think he’s the funniest, smartest person you know

If he doesn’t know the answer, no one does.

2) You have secret nicknames for each other

eg. Fatty, Baldy… and he calls you Scumbag in return. But it’s all love, really.

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3) …And tonnes of private jokes

That literally no one else in the world would find amusing. Just you two, then?

4) You know just how to wrap him round your little finger

If mum says no, you just go straight to dad. Win.


5) He thinks up the cutest traditions

Pancakes on your birthday, cute doodles in your birthday card… Naww.

6) You can do no wrong

One look at those big doe eyes, and it’s impossible for him to stay angry at you.


7) No man will ever live up to him

You find it hard to find boyfriends that stick, because your dad has set the bar too high. Sorry, boys.

8) His opinion about boyfriends means more than anyone else’s

If you do find one, however, they’re in for a serious grilling. But if they get on, this makes you happier than anything.


9) He’s a superb shopping partner

He pretends he doesn’t like it, but secretly, it’s one of his favourite ways to spend the weekend. He’s quite good with fashion advice, too!

10) He emails you stupid links at work to make you laugh

That leave you cracking up at your desk for a full five minutes. Oh, dad…


11) You call him when you need to see sense

Stressed? Sad? Frustrated? Your dad is always on hand to help you think rationally.

12) You might share fewer emotional moments with him…

But when you do, it hits you right in the stomach. Seeing him cry actually makes your heart hurt.

13) He thinks you’re the most wonderful person in the land

And you feel exactly the same way about him.