Sienna Miller Talks All Things Motherhood In New Interview

Sienna Miller wins over our hearts with her honesty about motherhood’s challenges


Sienna Miller has spoken candidly about her new life as a mum in one of her most honest interviews yet. And you’re going to want to hear what she has to say.

Sometimes, these celebrities make it look so easy. Which is why women around the country will no doubt be rejoicing at Sienna’s refreshingly real portrayal of motherhood, as the newly single lists the ups and downs of being a first time mum and explains just how life changing it’s been.

‘Obviously when you have a baby it’s the most incredible experience, but your life is also catapulted into this chaos and you are exhausted,’ she said.

‘I could literally get on this table and fall asleep. I’d like to be better at managing things; I’d like to be more super – although we’re never going to feel it, even if we are.’

The Chef star continued: ‘That’s the curse of motherhood – we just run ourselves ragged. I’m just trying to get a sense of what that guilt is. I sometimes feel like it’s a totally invented emotion. It’s strange to be punishing ourselves this way. It’s not healthy.’

Baby talk aside, the 33-year-old also made one whopper of a fashion confession. If, like us, you’ve been a fan of Miller’s chic boho style for years, you won’t believe what she came out with next.

‘I don’t remember the last time I went shopping’, she admitted. ‘I swear to God, I wear jeans and trainers and a T-shirt most days.’ Hang on, Sienna doesn’t like shopping?! *Jaws drop.*


So, despite being one of the most effortless, put-together women on the planet, it seems that even Sienna struggles with combining baby duties with, you know, life.

Phew. She’s human after all.


By Isobel Drummond