Sienna Miller Gets An Amazing Broadway Makeover

Well, we didn’t see this one coming. In the midst of her Hollywood comeback (she’s already starred in some of the year’s biggest films so far, including Foxcatcher and American Sniper), Sienna Miller has hot footed it to Broadway, where’s she’s just replaced Emma Stone as leading lady, Sally Bowles, in Cabaret.

Yup, proving that there’s nothing she can’t do, Sienna has had her very own Broadway makeover, all slicked-back hair and black slip dresses. Now we know what that short ‘do was for. Our favourite boho babe made her debut last night, and, judging by the smile on her face, it went pretty well. Clutching a bouquet, Sienna made her curtain call alongside her fellow cast members, including the actor Alan Cummings.

We’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve been enthralled by the actress’ sartorial choices of late, from clashing stripes to red carpet gowns and everything inbetween. And it looks like Sienna will be treating New York to her off-duty outfits for a while, given that she’s set to star in her lead role until the end of March. She recently appeared on the Today show and admitted that her singing performances are usually “karaoke and vodka fuelled”, but we have no doubt that the style icon will impress audiences.

But while we’re loving her on-stage look, we can’t wait to see what Sienna’s real life wardrobe does next. We’re still perfecting our stripe clash as we speak…

By Hannah Banks-Walker