11 Struggles All Short-Legged Girls Will FEEL

Being short and being short-legged are two very different things. Short girls are generally in proportion and, irregardless of their lacking height, they’re still in proportion with their teeny frame. Short-legged girls, however, have a whole different set of struggles that they need to face on a daily basis. All you regular-legged people out there probably don’t even know of the dread stepping over a puddle can cause, or the mental torement of knowing that we’ll never be able to rock any of the new season trends *sad face*.  

So, in honour of us short-legged women everywhere, we’re shedding light on our daily plight.


1. As much as we want to wear them, thigh-high boots are NEVER going to happen.

2. We’re on first-name terms with our local tailor, who greets us open arms every time we take in trousers to be hemmed.

3. Midi skirts do not exist. They’re actually maxis in disguise.

4. Trying to keep up with regular-legged people as they walk is basically cardio.


5. The impending fear of one day not being able to reach the pedals in our cars is so, so real.

6. Our feet have superhuman strength. Mainly because we spend 85% of the day on our tiptoes (this only applies if your torso also lacking in length).

7. When we’re sitting in a regular chair, no matter how hard we try, our feet still don’t touch the ground.


8. Jumpsuits are the enemy. That’s all we have to say on that matter.

9. Stores that don’t have a ‘petites’ section are entirely off limits in the trouser department.


10. We avoid horizontal stripes at ALL costs. Flip those bad boys around – vertical, leg-lengthening stripes are our bae.

11. We always end up getting soaked when we try to step over puddles. Damn you, weather.