How To Get What You Want From The Victoria Beckham For Target Collection

Consider your chances tripled.

Victoria Beckham first announced her collaboration with American supermarket Target last October. Since, it’s pretty much all we’ve thought about, and now there’s less than a month until the big day (April 9th). Given that everything is under $70- or £55- though, we predict the whole world and his dog will be dying to get their paws on a piece of the collection, making it near enough Mission Impossible. To help you succeed then, here’s our definitive guide to surviving launch day:

  • Know What You Want

We hate to break it to you, but if you still need time to look through the entire collection come launch day, everything (and we mean, everything) will be gone by the time you finish. Make sure you’ve got a goal in mind and can get straight to it as soon as it goes on sale. Time = precious.

  •  Know Your Sizes

If you can, familiarize yourself with Victoria Beckham sizing before you buy. Try and visit a shop that stocks the brand and see which size fits best. If there’s not a store nearby, you might want to think about ordering something online and returning. Why not just do that with the Target collection, you ask? Because by the time you go to return, the correct size will almost definitely be gone. Boo.

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Victoria Beckham for Target includes both womenswear and childrenswear

  • Commandeer Your Internet Connection

Housemates in? Colleagues working to deadlines? Soz, but this is way more important. ‘Kay, we’re not that mean, but we do recommend you come to a compromise whereby you are the only one using the wifi when the collection comes on sale to avoid crashing. 30 minutes should do it.

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  • Recruit A Comrade

Two hands are better than one. Fact. Ask a friend to log on and attempt to buy whatever it is you’re after at the same time as you. You never know who’ll get ahead in the queue, and their internet connection might be stronger. Maybe offer to let them borrow the goods, too- they’re likely to try a lot harder if you do.

Pencil it in, ladies; April 9th. See you there.