Lolita and her iconic sunglasses

Shop the Perfect Sunglasses For Your Face Shape!

If you ask us, shopping for sunglasses can be a bit of a minefield. What starts out as a potentially rewarding retail experience can soon turn into the shopping trip from hell. Do you remember when you wanted those round doctor-style frames that were so on-trend last summer? Only, having tried on over 50 pairs, you realized they made you look more Elton John than Olivia Palermo?

We feel your pain, because we experienced that very horror. And because of that, we’ve come up with five perfect sunglasses styles to suit every face shape. Just follow our simple rules and you’ll be one serious style icon this summer.


Square Shaped Face

If you have a strong jawline and wide cheekbones, then oversized or rounded frames will compliment your striking features. Aviators are a classic way to soften defined contours, plus, this timeless style almost always comes in a variety of different tints and colours; so don’t be frightened of having a little fun with them.

> River Island Contrast Rim Aviators £13

River Island Contrast Rim Aviators



Heart Shaped Face

Wide cheekbones that taper into a pointed, defined chin are best complimented by a more retro style of shade. Pick a style which angles out towards a top point, like cat-eye sunglasses.

> Asos Metal Top Cat Eye Sunglasses £12

Asos Metal Top Cat Eye Sunglasses



Round Shaped Face

If your face is round then you can opt for a sunglasses style that will bring a bit of drama to your features. Angular lines will add contouring, and always chose a frame that is wider than your face. Big is best! Go for arm embellishments or branding to really make a statement.

> New Look Oversized Heptagon Sunglasses £7.99

New Look Oversized Heptagon Sunglasses



Oval Shaped Face

Lucky for all you oval faces out there, pretty much any style will work on you, although opt for something oversized rather than small, and make sure the arms don’t sit too low on your face. Experiment with high-fashion styles.

> New Look Animal Print Chunky Round Sunglasses £5.99

New Look Animal Print Chunky Round Sunglasses



Oblong Shaped Face

If your facial features are quite long then choose a style that is either oval or slightly oversized to help balance out your lines. Make sure you pick a chunky frame, and that the outer corners run parallel to your temples. Don’t be tempted to go too big – you don’t want to shrink your face!

> Zara Transparent Sunglasses £15.99

Zara Transparent Sunglasses