Shop Miley Cyrus’ Furry Neon Monster Clutch For Less

Instagram: @mileycyrus

Oh, Miley Cyrus. We just can’t deny your whimsical charms.

It’s safe to say that her Disney-esque Hannah Montana days are a distant memory. We’ve got spandex, leotards, giant foam hands and THAT very memorable dance at the forefront of our minds now. The controversial American star sure likes to keep us on our toes – but that’s what keeps us coming back for more.

Some of her latest Instagram updates show her dolled up in faux fur – in every colour you can imagine. We don’t really know where to look first – the micro mini skirt and crop top shows off Miley’s enviable iron flat stomach and never-ending legs, her hair appears to have had a wrestling match with a school girl’s accessories draw (not that we’re complaining), but what REALLY does it for us is that clutch bag. It’s literally looking right at us.

This fuzzy monster appears to be more of a fashion statement than a handbag, as her pink rucksack must be carrying most of her necessities. But, thanks to Ms Cyrus, we’ve got a new crush in the form of some bright faux fur.

Shop the cyber faux fur trend below – it’s a fun way to inject some colour and texture into your winter wardrobe.

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By Laura Jane Turner