Shop Mila Kunis’ Lacy Playsuit From Little Mistress

Little Mistress Girls On Film Black Lace Playsuit, £45

We are so very happy with Mila Kunis right now. Because the Hollywood actress has gone and worn something fresh off the high street that we can actually shop!

The Jupiter Ascending star was spotted in Girls on Film on the Late Late Show with James Corden last night, looking super cute in a black lace playsuit from Little Mistress.

At £45, this might just be the biggest steal we’ve seen yet when it comes to copying Kunis’ wardrobe. We’d make like Mila and team with a dark berry lip and stilettos for a vampy evening outfit.

But her outfit wasn’t the only reason we were all talking about her appearance on Corden’s new chat show – the 31-year-old finally admitted that she had secretly married Ashton Kutcher. Well, more like it was bullied out of her. 

> Mila Kunis discusses her and Ashton Kutcher’s sex life with James Corden


After MIla was asked directly if she was married, she replied with a coy: ‘Maybe’, before fellow guest Tom Hanks grabbed her hand to flash her wedding ring to the audience. Eek!

The new mum also revealed how her and Ashton’s bedroom activities had become decidedly less romantic since the arrival of her five-month-old daughter Wyatt…

James admitted it’s hard to keep things sexy with a newborn, saying: ‘It’s almost impossible once you have a child, to the point where you might even be talking about it during sex. “You know, she almost rolled over today.” “Really? That’s amazing.'”

A red-faced Mila replied: ‘That’s never happened! I’ve thought it, but that’s never happened! I have been like, “I wonder if that’s her making that… Wait, what’s happening?”‘ 

‘Then you look and it’s him and he’s just crying during sex. That’s what he does’, James jokingly added.

And as for more kids for the loved-up newlyweds? It’s not far off, from the sound of it.  ‘Ashton is an amazing father… [We are] thinking about baby number two’, Mila told CBS.