Shop Lucy Watson’s Seriously Lovely H&M Jumpsuit

Photos: Rex/@Instagram

Trust Lucy Watson to pick out one of the hottest high street pieces we have had our eye on all week. Attending the Priv launch party in Central London with her sister Tiffany last night, Lucy opted for a textured blue and white jumpsuit that flattered in all the right places.

With that slinky baggy look and chic tie in the middle, Lucy absolutely nailed how to rock a jumpsuit in the evening. Pairing it with black stiletto courts and a waterfall mac, she looked like party perfection.

And good news for you, you can get Lucy’s exact look for just £39.99. That’s right, the Made In Chelsea star’s jumpsuit is from high street favourite H&M. Just click on the link below and give yourself the ultimate payday treat!

Lucy will be launching her fashion blog this Sunday and has given us an exclusive glimpse into some of the pics that will be featuring. Check them out here.

Known for her casual and super-laid back style, we can’t wait to see what Lucy will be posting, especially after watching her Instagram go from stylish strength to strength in the last few months.

By Amy de Klerk