Here’s How To Survive The Balmain X H&M Rush

It was at the start of the year that we first heard whispers of H&M’s more prolific designer collab and ever since the news was confirmed that Balmain was officially teaming up with the high-street giant, we’ve had our calendars circled on November 5th.

Now, that day is almost here.

As with every other designer collaboration before it, Balmain X H&M’s offering is more than likely to sell out. Fast. However, with our ultimate survival guide at hand, you’ll double your chances of getting your paws on the pieces you really want when the stores open tomorrow morning at 9am. This, ladies, is your best chance…



Stores will open at 9am sharp and the brand say the online sale time is the same. However, being seasoned online shoppers, we know that this can sometimes change for one reason or anther. We advise you get the H&M homepage up on your phone when you go to bed and, for the really hard-core among you, you might just want to set your alarm for 5.30am and then every half an hour until you get up and check it intermittently. Also, make sure you follow and keep up to date with the brand on Twitter and Facebook; they’re sure to be the first to let you know when it’s live.

Decide What You Want Ahead Of Time

When you’re battling against thousands of people, it pays to know exactly what you want to buy. Unlike Glastonbury, where there’s only one item on offer, the Balmain X H&M range consists of LOTS pieces across clothing, accessories and footwear. So, an on-the-spot decision is not a good idea. Acquaint yourself with the collection here, pick our your fav bits and home in on them tomorrow. Oh, and if you’ve got the time after work, we seriously advise that you get yourself to a H&M tonight and try on clothes in a similar shape to what you want to buy; that way you’ll get a good idea of the sizing of the range and are more likely to get something that fits from the off.


Refresh Fingers At The Ready

Can’t make it to a store? Then hitting H&M’s online shop is a good bet but you can practically guarantee you’ll encounter the spinning wheel of death/temporary website shut-downs and items simply vanishing from your shopping bag. Speed is again key, but sometimes there’s only so much you can do. Just breathe and don’t let the refresh button out of your sight…

Prepare For A Chilly Queue

If you’re going down to your local H&M store in person, it goes without saying that it pays to get there early. A queue WILL be in place and you WILL have to wait your turn to get in. If last year’s rush is anything to go by, H&M will be policing it by letting groups of 20 in at a time. In short, wear your warmest coat and make sure you’ve got your headphones to listen to some tunes…


Sadly, There Will Be A Shopping Allowance In Place

If your BFF has to work and you’ve agreed to pick her something up be warned; you’ll only be allowed to buy one of each item, even if it is alternative sizes. Yep, it’s every woman for herself. It’s kind of like The Hunger Games but, sadly, we’re not as kick-ass as Jennifer Lawrence.

…And You Will Be Timed

Once you’re in, you’ll only have 10 minutes to shop. Sure, it might sound harsh but it’s the most effective way to keep the queue moving and gives more people the chance to get their Wang fix. Our advice? Grab what you want, find a quiet corner for a swift try-on sesh then get straight to the till.


Changed Your Mind? Know Your Return Rights

A lot of people don’t know this but if you buy Balmain X H&M from store, you’ll only have THREE DAYS to take it back should you change your mind. For online orders, you’ll still have the full 28-day refund policy to go by.

Only Certain Stores Are Privy To The Collection

For those of you who live in Edinburgh, London, Birmingham or Manchester, you’ll have the chance buy your items in the flesh from store. Otherwise, it looks like we’ll see you at the online checkout.

Sold Out? Hope Is Not Lost

It’s definitely not fair but a lot of the items are sure to turn up on eBay so, if there was something you had your heart set on, it’s worth checking there. Also, returns do happen – more than you think with a killer designer collab – so you’ll want to keep an eye on site and in your nearest store in the days after the launch, as we can guarantee pieces will come back.

We’ve done all we can. Now, it’s down to you… Go forth, and shop like you’ve never shopped before!