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Does payday seem like a lifetime ago? If you’re desperately staring at your wardrobe trying to find something to wear that your friends haven’t seen a millions times before, we can help. may be a new online fashion brand but it’s already one of our favourites for its on-trend but affordable style, and the AW14 collection launches today – yay!

The only thing that could make this news any better would be an EXCLUSIVE discount, right? Well, because we know exactly what you want, that’s exactly what we’ve got.

Starting shopping and for this week only LOOK readers can enjoy an exclusive 20% discount of’s new autumn/winter collection with discount code LOOK20.

Packed full of faux fur jackets, printed culottes and party-ready dresses (all under £50!), what better excuse do you need for a mini shopping spree?

Happy shopping!

By Lauren O’Callaghan