Meet Your New Season ‘It’ Coat

Trench? Nope. Faux fur? No siree. Puffa jacket? Nu-uh. Could THIS be the next big thing?

The nights are drawing in, the shops are full of Halloween paraphernalia and black tights are looking more appealing by the day. Summer is but a sweet, distant memory that we’re all clinging on to, but there is something that might just soften the blow of the new season: a brand new coat. And not just any coat, a shearling coat. Everyone’s doing it, but will we be going high street or designer? Look editor Gilly Ferguson and deputy fashion news editor Hannah Banks-Walker fash’ it out…

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Left Kaleidoscope, £49, Right Zara, £99.99

Left Kaleidoscope, £49, Right Zara, £99.99

‘INVEST NOW’, Gilly Ferguson, Editor:

“Okay fine, when I say ‘invest now’ I mean starting saving now – then invest just as soon as you can’t handle foregoing your daily coffee habit any longer. Why? Because this coat right here is the sort of hero buy that will never date. The sort of buy that style sorts will proclaim ‘Timeless!’ ‘A Classic!’ ‘Game-changing!’ ‘Five Stars!’

Yes – one-ish-grand is a LOT of money. (Yes, I’m in denial and rounding it down already) And yes, you will break out in guilty shopping sweats for a couple of weeks thereafter.

But – at a cost per wear of approx 0.2p per day for The Rest Of Your Life (that’s some loose math right there) it’s very much worth all of the above. If all else fails, fashion it into a rug and sleep in it too. There are many ways to justify ones new season coat. But be it Burberry or – more likely – Whistles – I for one am a one-coat sensible sort of shopper. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

Burberry, £1495

‘BUY ALL THE REST’, Hannah Banks-Walker, Deputy Fashion News Editor:

“I love Burberry as much as the next rational human being, but why buy one coat when you could buy four? I realise it’s this kind of thinking that has led to my bedroom being overrun with outerwear of all shapes and sizes, but I honestly defy anyone to not want all of these bad boys. From Topshop’s Acne-esque green dream to Matalan’s classic cut, I could have a different shearling number for (almost) every outfit and still save £1,166.01. I mean, that’s just logical.”

Left Topshop, £79, Right Matalan, £40

Left Topshop, £79, Right Matalan, £40