Shape Up For Spring With The British Army

Imagine a fit, toned bod being one of the perks of your job… Sound too good to be true? It’s not if you’re in the British Army. Being fit is an essential part of Army life. So much so, you get the best personal training available to keep you in top shape, free use of a gym and team sport sessions – and it’s all built into your working day.

Jealous yet? It gets better – the Army has a host of sporting associations from archery to winter sports, and supports overseas sports tours and competitions. So you could find yourself travelling the world playing your favourite sports!

Tempted? To pass the Army’s fitness standards you need to be able to:

• Run 1.5 miles in at least 14 minutes.

• Lift a power bag of up to 40kg to a platform that’s 1.45m high.

• Carry two full 20-litre jerry cans as far as you can (up to 150m).

Whether you’re thinking about joining the Army either as a full-time Regular or a part-time, paid Reservist, or simply want a pro fitness guide to help you achieve a toned and healthy body, download 100% Army Fit. This free mobile app will help you build your fitness to the level of a soldier in training. You can even choose a personal Army trainer who will support you with voice commands and help you perfect your technique.

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