This Instagram Is Documenting Every SATC Outfit

If you’re tired of your Instagram being an endless stream of avo-toast and contoured selfies then boy do we have something for you.  The account @everyoutfitonsatc is seriously shaking up our feed with its pics of our fave SATC characters and their uh-mazing outfits.

Two absolute legends – @female_trouble and @laurengarroni – are behind the account and on a “quest to document every outfit on Sex & the City”. And thank goodness they have. Chronicling all the fashun sported by Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda during the six seasons of the hit show, this is a must-follow for any SATC fans. Started just two weeks ago, the pair already have a whopping 58,000 followers.

From Samantha’s gingham co-ord to Carrie’s vintage Zandra Rhodes dress, this is giving us all the #throwback feels.

Back when we first binge watched SATC the outfits were EVERYTHING. There was nothing more we wanted in life than to have Carrie’s walk in wardrobe so we could wear that tulle skirt – or an oversized flower garland – and drink cosmos in snazzy cocktail bars. At the time, Sex and the City was the epitome of cool. It put the designers it featured on the worldwide stage – oh hey Manolo Blahnik – and made the show’s stylist Patricia Field a household name.

However, looking back at Carrie et al’s sartorial choices is making us slightly question the show’s fashionable status. As the @everyoutfitonsatc’s tongue-in-cheek captions suggest, are ‘diamante Dior headscarves’ and ‘conceptual belts’ really the height of fashion?

Whatever way you look at it, @everyoutfitonsatc is a lol-worthy journey through late nineties and early noughties fashion and a great reminder of some moments of TV gold. Plus, with potentially 1500 outfits in total on the show we’ve got so much more fun to come.

What do you think? Are the SATC character’s outfit choices still relevant? LOOK’s Fashion Writer Hannah argues why they are…


By Elizabeth Bennett