Severus Snape And The Marauders has divided opinion among fans

There’s Another New Harry Potter Film In The Works

We have some VERY exciting news for Harry Potter fans. There’s a new film in the works!

Yep. Really.

Okay, so it’s not a follow-up to the original series. Nor is it being made by the same studio. But it does include some of our favourite characters and looks super-dramatic.

So what is it exactly? Well, Severus Snape And The Marauders is a fan-made prequel that’s been tentatively slated for a release later this year.

Don’t let the word fan-made switch you off. A teaser trailer has been released and it actually appears pretty professional.

> We’ll see a younger Snape in the movie


The movie is being created by Broad Strokes Productions, who launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year to fund it.

It’s set before Harry was born and, as the title would suggest, is based around Professor Snape. We find ourselves in 1978, Snape’s post-Hogwarts years and when Lord Voldemort begins to gain power.

Harry’s parents James and Lily also play major parts, as do James’s fellow Marauders Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew.

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In the trailer, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter have gathered in a pub to celebrate leaving school and consider their place in the upcoming war. Then Snape enters…

> James Potter and the other Marauders discuss events in the wizarding world


Pretty tantalising, huh?

It hasn’t been easy for Broad Strokes to make the film. There’s been a few copyright infringement issues and some fans have said they’re boycotting it because it has nothing to do with J.K. Rowling or Warner Bros. 

> J.K. Rowling has had no involvement with the fan-made film


However, the group have said that the studio ‘has been gracious with us’ and that they’re free to release the flick.

Plenty of HP devotees seem pretty excited at the prospect of seeing more of Snape, who was played by Alan Rickman in the original movies.

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> Alan Rickman played Severus Snape in the original Harry Potter series


One commented on Twitter: ‘I’ll just be geeking out over Severus Snape and the Marauders if anyone needs me,’ while another wrote: ‘All #HarryPotter fans, you’ve got to see this!’

Watch the trailer here to decide for yourself…