Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic are this years Wimbledon winners

Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic Danced- And It Was Great

Taking the concept of a victory dance to a whole new level, Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic took to the floor at the Wimbledon Champions Dinner to celebrate their respective victories, resulting in one of our favourite sporting moments of the year (well, almost).

The pair showed off their shapes at the tournament’s annual event to celebrate the end of the competition. Every year the Wimbledon players get together for a formal dinner and ball, which traditionally includes the male and female champion dancing together. This ritual actually died out a couple of decades ago, but Serena and Novak decided to bring it back – and they did it in the only way it should be done. With the Bee Gees.

Yep, the world’s greatest chose Night Fever for their big moment, proving that even tennis champions have their own walking-into-the-club song (we presume).

Djokovic said “I was thinking more of a waltz or something, I would say more sophisticated. But Serena wanted to move a bit more, so then we considered other options.”

We are so glad they reconsidered, as the 1970’s disco classic was a great choice – who doesn’t love the Travolta style, diagonal finger point and hip thrust?

If further proof was needed that Serena Williams is a total boss (official terminology). Just check out those moves. Even Djokovic seems overwhelmed by them; he had to take a minute just to applaud her (we’re pretty sure that’s what he was doing).

Anyway, let this video brighten up an afternoon slump. And let’s just pray that next year, the winners are a fan of Gangnam Style…