You May Never Have To Wash Your Jeans Again

The act of washing and drying your jeans may well be a thing of the past. In perhaps the best news of 2016 so far, scientists have apparently developed a self-cleaning denim fabric which repels stains and spillages – so goodbye denim laundry days.

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Alongside your bed linen, your jeans are probably your least favourite thing to put in the washing machine since they take about 200 hours to dry and it’s really quite hard to live without them.

Street stylers wearing jeans during fashion week. Whether you’re about skinnies or flares, this is great news for denim lovers everywhere.

Well, all this may soon be a thing of the past thanks to a company called ODO who has developed the world’s first self-cleaning denim fabric. The jeans will be made up of permanent anti-microbial properties, meaning the fabric repels any stains.

This basically means you don’t have to worry about spilling ketchup or red wine down your favourite dungarees. Hooray! Messy eaters rejoice! It also means you never have to wash them, they won’t start to smell and you can wear your fave pair of skinnies all year round.

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And it’s not just you that will be grateful for this seriously futuristic invention. The environment will be too. Washing a pair of your jeans is one of the highest water-consuming fabrics with an astonishing 7,100 glasses of water going into a single wash! Remove the need for this and your water use will dramatically decline.

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So not having to wash your denim will not only be great news for your wardrobe, but for the environment too! Just what will they think of next…