Selena Gomez Is Planning On Leaving Twitter For Good

Selena Gomez is one of our favourite female celebs on Instagram.

She’s never afraid to speak her mind, she hits back at the haters and damn, she takes one good selfie.

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But all of this could be set to change, following the 23-year-old’s social media bombshell. 

In a new interview with W Magazine, Selena has opened up about her tumultuous relationship with Twitter and Instagram. 

‘I’m utilising social media right now because of my age and because, to be honest, everybody else in the world was talking about me, so I wanted a f***ing say’, she admitted.


‘I honestly had to, because I didn’t really expect my life to be as public as it was. Is this going to destroy me or make me? I still have to make that choice on a daily basis.’ 

But, the Good For You singer said, she’s going to quit. ‘In a few years. I’ll give all of it up.’ 

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SAY WHAT?! We’re not going to lie, we’d seriously miss that pretty little face if she did actually decide to ditch the ‘gram. Let’s hope she holds out for more than a few years. Just THINK of the fans!

In the same interview, Selena also addressed the rumours that she once had a feud with Miley Cyrus.

And guess what?’, They kind of did, due to both fancying the same boy, once upon a time… 


‘We never feuded’, Gomez said. ‘We both liked the same guy when we were 16. It was just a Hilary Duff-Lindsay Lohan thing: ‘Oh, my God, we like the same boy!’ We are now completely settled in our own lives.’

Aw. We’re glad to hear there’s no bad feelings there.