Selena Gomez Has A Scary Ordeal At Paris Fashion Week

Selena Gomez might be looking totally fabulous in Paris right now, but she got a little more drama than she bargained for yesterday… 

The 23-year-old singer flew to the French capital for Fashion Week, and has already been wowing fans with her ooh la la ensembles on Instagram

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> Selena went for a cute, preppy look in this denim mini skirt and thigh high boots


After arriving in a sporty red tracksuit and heels, the singer quickly changed into a denim mini skirt and black lace-up body, topped off with thigh high boots.


Next up, Selena very nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she stepped out for the evening in a plunging thigh-split dress – as she stepped, the material swished around her legs to almost flash her knickers – but ever the pro, Gomez avoided any embarrassment by hot-footing it into a waiting car.

> Selena nearly flashed more than she intended in *this* plunging thigh split dress…


Looking smokin’ hot aside, though, Selena ended up going having a bit of a dramatic evening when her and her crew got stuck in a lift. 

Yep, actually stuck. 

The Good For You singer shared a 19-second clip of her scary ordeal on Twitter, which ended when one of her pals had to literally prise the doors open with his hands. 

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> Selena shared a snap of her pre-PFW breakfast… Yum!


(Good job he had those huge guns to help him out, eh?)

‘That time we got stuck in an elevator in Paris…’ Selena tweeted alongside the video. 

Crikey. Let’s hope today is a little less dramatic for the star…

> Selena shared a video on Twitter showing her elevator ordeal in Paris…