Why ALL Eyes Are On Selena Gomez’s Instagram Right Now

Selena Gomez’s Instagram is on fire right now.

Why? Has she nabbed a new famous boyfriend? Has she done a Kim Kardashian with her own nearly-naked selfie? Well, nope. It’s simply because she is now the most followed person on Instagram. Wowza.

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We’re not sure how her BFF Taylor Swift will be feeling right now, because Selena moving up to #1 most-followed has meant knocking Swifty off the top spot. Eep!

Selena now boasts a whopping 69.5 million followers, whilst Taylor’s resting up at 69.2 million (still pretty admirable, we must point out).



Kim comes next (no surprise there), with an impressive 63.7 million followers, closely followed by Beyonce, with 63.1 million.

So, why are people loving Selena’s social media right now? Well, in between those cosy chats with Brad Pitt, LOLs with her famous girl squad, super glamorous Fashion Week soirees and ‘love my body’ bikini shots, we’d say that’s plenty of reason to give her a follow.

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Oh, and then there’s the hair…

With her newfound status as the queen of Instagram, we can only imagine Selena’s social media fame is only going to get bigger this year.

All in all, Gomez is killing it right now. Attagirl!