Selena Gomez Explains *That* Cosy Brad Pitt Picture…

Remember when Selena Gomez posted a picture of her and Brad Pitt gossiping at the 2016 Golden Globes, and everyone was like, hold up, WHAT is going on here?!

At the time, the 23-year-old captioned the snap of her and the A-list actor looking cosy on the couch: ‘Just discussing #TheBigShort.’

Well, now, the singer has told us what that was all about. 

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Basically, Selena makes a cemeo in The Big Short, the new Oscar-nominated movie that Brad not only stars in, but also produced. So that explains the connection, then.

‘It was funny because I had met him a few years ago and I was kind of telling him how I geeked out about it and then obviously we were talking about The Big Short and how he thought it was really cool and his kids loved it,’ Gomez told E News when grilled about their unexpected encounter.

So does this mean Angelina Jolie and Pitt’s kids are big Selena fans?! ‘Evidently’, she replied with a blush. Naww.



In the film, Selena appears alongside economist Dr. Richard Thaler to explain Synthetic Collateralized Debt Obligations. Erm, what?!

Thankfully, Selena added that she told Brad even she didn’t know what she was talking about in the film. ‘It was good for me to learn what was happening with our economic system,’ she said.

After Selena and Brad’s cosy gossip session, and the fact that he’s reportedly now eyeing her up for a part in the upcoming all-female Ocean’s Eleven, we’d say these two are establishing a firm showbiz friendship!

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And as for Justin Bieber’s ex’s future movie prospects? Well, she’s had nothing but praise from not only Brad, but The Big Short director, too.

‘We were so impressed’, Adam McKay told E News. ‘After she left, I was like, “How old is she?” and they were like, “21”… So mature, just a pro. She had to do a scene with a non-actor and she really held his hand—a guy who is probably going to win a Nobel Prize in economics. She was awesome. We loved her.’

Crikey! Looks like this one’s set for Hollywood stardom. Go Selena!