This Is How Selena Gomez Looks Before And After Filters

With over 89 million Instagram followers, it’s safe to say Selena Gomez knows a thing or two about taking a good snap. We mean, she’s clearly flawless IRL too, but apparently she’s just as much of a filter fan as we are.

Get this. To make us all feel better about ourselves, Selena’s make-up artist Hung Vanngo Instagrammed a snap showing Selena before and after filters. Hung even captioned the photo listing exactly which editing features he had used: “#brightness #contrast #warm #saturation #color #vignette #sharpen…”

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Here’s what his followers had to say:

@dondonniechensie: “no matter how long I look she’s still flawless without all the editing

@maribel_x_: “The 1st one is better than the 2nd one”

@klabeexo: “nice one but I like the original one better who agrees”

@ida.ritzmo: “who needs editing when ur Selena. Selena is so beautiful!”

She obviously looks just as amazing before as she does after, but who wouldn’t with the handiwork of a professional make-up artist, and the filters have clearly exacerbated her beauty. The tan, the extra smokey eye, the brighter hair… It’s all there in black and white, ladies: filters = fake.

Our point is that the next time you scroll through Instagram and finish curled up in a corner wondering why your skin isn’t as clear or your hair as amazing as that model you follow, remember it’s almost definitely a filter. #GirlPower.